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Management Agreement Precedent

Advertising for the property. The administrator advertises with the rental property, hires and examines potential tenants, enters into a lease with acceptable tenants. The owner reimburses the trustee for all participation costs associated with this advertisement. The administrator must inform the owner in advance of the anticipated costs associated with this advertisement. 6. Representations and guarantees. Both parties state that they have full authority to conclude this agreement. The performance and obligations of one of the contracting parties do not infringe or infringe the rights of third parties or violate other agreements between the parties, individually, and any other person, organization or company, or any other law or administrative regulation. This type of agreement is useful as part of a comprehensive risk management strategy. The expected consequence of the use of this Business Services and Management agreement is to deviate from some (but not all) of the usual risks that often existed when conducting a business. Judicial procedure. In the event that forfeiture and/or legal proceedings are required for the rental of the property, the administrator is obliged to deal with all of these proceedings. The owner reimburses the administrator for all costs incurred in the course of the continuation of collection proceedings and/or legal proceedings.

The administrator is not responsible for legal proceedings that do not arise from the management and leasing of the property. This Business Services and Management agreement can be used to separate ownership of the company from day-to-day management and have employees in a separate company. Under this agreement, the transaction would remain the property of the owner and would be operated by the manager for the owner. The profits of the company would remain at the ownership. However, the management and employment of all employees would be the responsibility of the manager and the manager would be allocated an agreed fee for the delivery of his service. This levy should be economically reasonable. 8. Limitation of liability. IN NON-ENTERPRISES, LIABILES ARE TO THE OTHER PARTY OR A PART OUT OF THREE FOR EACH DAMAGES RESULTING OF A PART OF THIS AGREEMENT RESEARCH AS, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF REVENUE OR EXPECTED PROFIT OR LOST BUSINESS, COSTS OF DELAY OR FAILURE OF DELIVERY, WHICH IS NOT THE DIRECT RESULT OF A PART ATTENTION: WHEN USING THIS BUSINESS SERVICES AND MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT, ONE MUST BE CAREFUL WHEN PLANNING TAX.